Login – My Naira Market Registration Login – My Naira Market Registration is another platform that provides the opportunity for registered members to make money online.

With whatever money you invest you are guaranteed of getting 200 percent within few hours but its advisable to use to spare cash to do this.

So many of this schemes are coming out everyday and the best way to take advantage f the schemes is to invest when it is fresh.

With the way the economy is in the country one can always use one of this ponzi scheme and like i said its better when you are amongst the first ones to invest in this donation platform.

One of the the issues with this ponzi scheme in Nigeria is greed and that is why many of them have shut down. is believed to be a little different from the rest and as you know its a peer to peer donation platform but they offer one of the biggest bonuses in any of this ponzi schemes login is for registered members and once you are a registered member you can have access to your own personal office where you can keep track of your transaction.

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How To Register

Log onto the official website, and lick on registration, the process is very easy.

Once you have done that you will be required to provide help, you can choose any of the category of your choice and donate to someone and then you will get 200% of your cash back to you. has the following packages

Starters N5,000 to get N10,000
Premium N10,000 to get N20,000
Extended N20,000 to get N40,000
Platinum N50,000 to get N100,000
Silver N100,000 to get N200,000
Gold N200,000 to get N400,000

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