www.steadypeer.com – Steadypeer login & Registration

www.steadypeer.com – Steadypeer login & Registration

Steadypeer is another way of making money online through peer to peer donation. It is easy on this post you will learn how steadypeer login works and all you need to know about www.steadypeer.com

This is another ponzi scheme in Nigeria where registered member of the scheme provide help to one another by donating some amount of money will double and come back to you in few days time.

I have written this post for everyone to understand because before you venture into any business like this is better you have all the necessary information so you know how it works.

On www.steadypeer.com there are different packages or category, depending on the one you can afford, there is a package for N2,000, N5,000, N10,000 depending on the one you can afford but the good thing about this is that you can also move from one package to another and to do so is to write to the support team indicating that you want to migrate to another package and they will help you do so.

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How Steadypeer Works

www.steadypeer.com is a peer to peer donation scheme, it is not done to personal account but to a steadypeer member account so you have to be very sure that the person you are donating to is a Steadypeer registered member.

Now, once you have completed your registration you are given 12 hours to make payment and failure to do this will result in deactivation of your account.

on steadypeer.com once you donate a minimum of N3,500 you will get N10,500 within five days and then you will move to the next level

in level 2 donate N7,000 you will get N21,00 within 5 days, you will move to the next level
In level 3 donate N14,000 you will get N42,000 within 5 days.

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